Sooooo, I was able to texture the moccasins myself, which was actually pretty easy, I don’t know why I thought it’d be hard. Anyways they’re looking great! I just need to fix a few things. 

With all the baby stuff I’ve been making I decided to have Dominic and Taylor have another baby, who just so happens to be the baby modeling all my latest things. I thought I’d give him a proper introduction. Meet Giovanni Noél Arriaga! I haven’t been posting the family recently because I was busy creating and things fixing a new word for them to live in but it’s done now soooooo you can expect more posts of the Arriagas.

Omg!!! They look great! 🙌


Baby Bump is appearingg

Alfred’s parents

Louis and Elena Weir

Kelly’s parents

Trudy and Trevor Weiss


Moccasins #2!



Nyla and Rian <3


Sooooo, I decided to make these moccasins, thanks to doesims's idea. This is the progress so far (mind you the shoes still need more work, this is just a “rough draft”). I've never textured shoes though. Would any one like to do a collab and help with textures?

I can’t believe how amazing these are already!! I am so excited!!


WCIF those cat whiskers face paint?

Face Painting Kitty



hi!! I think you asked a wcif for a pair of toddler shoes a few days ago, did you ever find them? if so, could you direct me to where they are? also, wcif the cute headband in this post? post/100382576883 (thank you!)

Boots for little girls & MK Headwraps