i have had a simblr for almost 2 years guys!!!!!!


Where is the house in your gameplay shots from

Deligracy. I think you can find it if you seach #deligracy in the gallery.

I asked death to feel my selfsim’s belly and tried to flirt with him and then he thought it was time to leave.

Death decided to watch some TV.

Two sims died at my house party.

This is literally us. Jason is always doing work on his computer. I just got a treadmill and we also baked cookies today.


Where can where can I get the best teen clothing?

I literally never play with teen sims so I’m probably not the person to ask. The only teen clothes I have in my game are from simsxolove.

Kanye West Yeezus Tour shirts
Seen on Mason Disick

4 Toddler shirts
Available for girls and boys

Shirt mesh: EA

thnx for the tutorial woohooligan! i feel like i’ve done it a bit wrong though :/

Ocella got married! 

/sigh/ Peasants..